Quote: "The world looks better behind a mask and 12 ounces of creativity."

Whats good!? Names BEZOE One87. Graffiti writer, Hip-Hop head, graphic artist and a bit of a geek. Been writing since the summer of 2003. As a kid, I was always into cartoons and drawing. As I got older, I figured it be cooler to draw my own ideas than hope for someone else to come up with ideas like me and showcase them. Going into high school I was digging underground hip-hop (still am to this day). Just the way the beats hit and the flow of words and imagery got me stuck. I had to know more and got into the four elements. Hip-Hop = Mcing, Djing, B-Boying and of course GRAFFITI! My older cousins ESEK and FLECKS were always drawing and sketching. They are big inspirations to me and I look up to them to this day. Taking a look into their doodles inspired me to do the same. Then somehow one day I picked up a spray can wrote on a wall and that was it. From that day on I knew what I wanted to practice for the rest of my life. This urban, rebellion type movement. And after I linked Graffiti up with Hip-hop I still can't get enough of it. Always researching and looking for new ways, new innovations on both graffiti and hip-hop. This and rolling with a few homies learning things here and there turned me into the person I am today.